Sunday, November 22, 2009

100th Post

I have been off in left-field, where I will be for a while it seems. After an October Guns at Gettysburg game I decided to take a break from the WWI project and attempt to finish up an ACW Brigade for GaG. Unfortunately units are between 16 and 24 figures which for me is a long time. But I'm taking the plunge and starting on some Crusader figs, I've finished the first two coys. (1 Stand) as seen in the startlingly bad phone photo above (I've lost my camera temporarily. I already have 1 regiment of Renegade figs that I painted 4 years ago, they tower over the Crusader figures, but that's okay.
In my usual manner, gaming and reading go hand and hand so I have shifted to reading some ACW titles.
This Blog was created to specifically deal with WWI and Colonials, should I post off-topic stuff if it looks like it will be the main focus for me for a while?
Let me know if you care...