Sunday, October 19, 2008

BBC Indian Army Radio Documentary

Just listened to a 3 part radio series on the WWII Indian Army in the Far East. Pretty good. Lots about mules! Here's the link:

My Sikhs in Action

I finished painting a section of Brigade Games Sikhs (including a Bomber and a Lewis-Gunner) plus Havildar and a Trumpeteer. These were promptly used in a large (fictional) colonials battle run by Mike K. this last Saturday (Oct. 18,2008) at the local club. Though only one Battalion of many They did their best to clear the a native town of their mutinous inhabitants. This is the definitely the first house-clearing I've done in a colonials game and I may take it as inspiration for a small game based on First or Second Gaza in the future. Unfortunately the picture shows only two of the newly painted figs, the others had died repelling a charge by native Ghazis. In the background you can see the poor, doomed Highlanders in their glorious red.
Photos Taken by Jim. You can read much more about this game at his Blog

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lost Patrol

Last night TCM showed John Ford's film The Lost Patrol. A great adventure film that depicts a section of Hussars (I believe) lost in a sea of sand dunes in WWI. The context clues all point to this being Mesopotamia or Arabistan but that is not at all the point. The plot is simple and establishes a formula well known to modern viewers. A section of troopers is slowly whittled down by an unseen enemy and begin to crack up. You should buy or rent this film, then buy some Hussars and Arabs from Brigade Games. Essential source material for colonial skirmish gaming.