Monday, July 26, 2010

Random gaming thoughts....

A card from Legion of Honor (lifted from Boardgame Geek)
I wish I hadn't started paying attention to Boardgames again because there is way too  much going on that I'm interested in. Problem? I currently only play Boardgames solo and not with any frequency. I have two games currently that I LOVE but hardly ever play (Kaiser's Pirates and Frontline: D-Day).   I'd really like to own the recently released Fires of Midway, but can't justify it right now.

I did make my first ever pre-order a few weeks ago. An interesting Napoleonic Card Game/ Wargame/ RPG(?) named Legion of Honor by Clash of Arms Games which reminds me of GDW's En Garde from way back in the the Seventies (I ran it when I was 11 I think).

We have a Guns at Gettysburg game scheduled for August 14th which I plan on attending. I only have to paint 16 figs to complete my ACW goal. Will I be able to do it? No... I average 4 figs a week so not quite...

I am currently working on a command stand of Standing Frock Coat Union figs from Redoubt. I really like these figures and plan (when I recover from medical bill induced Broke-ass-edness) to buy a couple of units from Redoubt

It seems as though my opportunities to do any gaming at all are rapidly shrinking...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another Test Post

I've updated my OS and thus the problems I've been having with Blogger have (seemingly) disappeared. In celebration I'm posting a previously UNPOSTED (I think) photo from my August 2009 solo Crossfire game. Enjoy (har har)

OOH much better... I'm using the NEW compose functions... very nice!

The figures you see in the photo are from Brigade Games

Thursday, July 8, 2010

ACW Artillery figs

Here is a photo of the Sash & Saber gun crews I painted up a little while ago. Also 2 Twenty Pounder Parrott Rifles. In the end I didn't particularly care for the S&S figs, so I have ordered some Redoubt figs to "replace" them. The photo seems a little dark; click on it to get an unnecessarily large view ("warts and all"). Also the photo was blurry so I sharpened it a little, to bad effect.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I believe I now actually may have internet at home. This post is the equivalent of a mic check....
tetsing 1 2 3

Since I took this photo I've repainted the NCO with KAR puttees