Sunday, March 30, 2008

Battlehonors WWI figures

Turkish Cavalry, In progress (Battlehonors)

Received a bunch of WWI (Palestine) figures from BattleHonors this week. They look much better than expected and I am actually very pleased. They are almost the same size as the Brigade Games figures. I got Arabs on Horses (4 in a pack), Arabs on Camels (3 in a pack), Asienkorps Company command (8), Turkish Company Command (8) and more Turkish Cavalry (8).
Battlehonors Horses run a little small, but will accurately represent the smallish horses ridden by both Turks and Bedouins. The Asienkorps and Turkish company commands are a good mix of about 4 NCO types with rifles (2 poses each) and 4 officer types (some with pistols). The Arabs are a mix of Shooting poses (2 poses) and rifles in hand by the side (2 poses).
After finishing the batch of Turks I'm working on, the Bedouins will be next as I can use them on either side depending on the Scenario and Theater of conflict.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Sikhs (Brigade Games)

Sikh Soldier

Sikh Stand, close up

British and Indian figures (a sampling)

Brit Lewis Gun team (Copplestone), Matchbox Rolls Royce AC

British MG section (Copplestone)

British 18lber. (Battlehonors)

Aussies (Brigade Games)

Gurkhas (Copplestone)

Central Powers figures (a sampling)


Assistant Lewis Gunner for AsienKorps

Turkish Infantry (mix of Brigade and Copplestone figures)

Turkish MG section (Copplestone figures)

Turkish Gun (Battlehonors figures)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Photos from WWI in Palestine Game, Feb. 2008

The Table, Turkish Left (ignore that time-code, chaps)

Oasis on the Turkish left (Natives by Jim A.)

British regulars in the hills on the Turkish right
Oh yeah, MAZZ PAINTED these fine British lads!

Turkish Maxim guns in the Oasis
Got one of these yesterday. 1920 Rolls Royce AC ready for action in the desert. Hopefully I can get another, since they operated in sections of 2 as part of Light Armoured Motor Batteries.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A phone photo from the giant 1814 that Jeff ran on 02/09/08. Icommanded the Bavarians on the right who were attacking the French fellows you see here.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Maori Wars (1867) Game, March, 2007

Images from a Maori Wars game played 3/2007 at the Yankee Peddler. I ran using the Brother Against Brother Rules. If I run this again I will probably use Iron Ivan's This Very Ground.

First Entry... Yikes!

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