Sunday, March 30, 2008

Battlehonors WWI figures

Turkish Cavalry, In progress (Battlehonors)

Received a bunch of WWI (Palestine) figures from BattleHonors this week. They look much better than expected and I am actually very pleased. They are almost the same size as the Brigade Games figures. I got Arabs on Horses (4 in a pack), Arabs on Camels (3 in a pack), Asienkorps Company command (8), Turkish Company Command (8) and more Turkish Cavalry (8).
Battlehonors Horses run a little small, but will accurately represent the smallish horses ridden by both Turks and Bedouins. The Asienkorps and Turkish company commands are a good mix of about 4 NCO types with rifles (2 poses each) and 4 officer types (some with pistols). The Arabs are a mix of Shooting poses (2 poses) and rifles in hand by the side (2 poses).
After finishing the batch of Turks I'm working on, the Bedouins will be next as I can use them on either side depending on the Scenario and Theater of conflict.

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