Friday, December 24, 2010

Harpy Holidays!

Farewell to the King
Outside life has definitely intruded, so all has been quiet here on the blogging front.

As to gaming, I played in an Age of Reason (1st Edition) game set in the French & Indian War back after Thanksgiving. The game itself was pretty enjoyable and went quicker than I expected. I commanded a small brigade of Rangers and light infantry who mixed it up in the woods with French militia and allied Indians. A bit of trivia is that these rules were the first miniatures rules I ever bought, way back in 1991 or 1992. Picked 'em up at their place of manufacture, the Emperor's Headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Didn't use them for another 15 years though!

Mostly I have been soloing Conflict of Heroes some more. Which has cut into painting time for sure, though I did pick up the brush this month and move my SC Cadets along a bit. It looks like I may actually have a face to face game of CoH next weekend, but we'll see...

 A week or so ago a little package arrived from the UK which contained the Indian Army special deal from Woodbine Design. Since I have a Sikh Platoon that needs completing, I got the figures with Sikh heads. The figures all look great, very clean and endearing. Great poses and lots of character (in the good sense). But I've been nagged by a need to do something different...
I have more than enough unpainted lead for two major ongoing projects (ACW & WWI). I need to really minimize spending. And board-gaming is, currently, just as big an interest. But who can deny the call of new lead...
Forthcoming addition to Pulp Figures Savage Seas Range (click for link)
Both these ideas are not new to me. One is to rebase many of my Maori Wars figs and try to move towards a more truly skirmish game. The other is this vague notion I have had for years to run a skirmish game based around Coast-watcher, Farewell to the King, Papua Constabulary type thing... Long ago I ran a series of games set in the interwar period that involved South Seas adventures, mostly fighting Sulu Seas Moro pirates. At that time I really wanted someone to put out a Melanesian range. Well, in the last year or so Pulp Figures has released a bunch of great figs that fit this bill, and with two more packs on the way, I think I cannot resist. Most are suitable for any time in the last 1000 years.

What I want is to be able to get back to games where I could paint less than 100 figs per side and have a good game. Unfortunately I think that the huge table at the club really mitigates against that. The pressure is definitely for thousands of figs rather than dozens. Also it is really difficult to fill up an 8 x 12 table with jungle terrain! If I do this I think I might use a homemade variant on In The Heart of Africa by Chris Peers.

Anyhow, merry Crassmass!