Saturday, July 3, 2010


I believe I now actually may have internet at home. This post is the equivalent of a mic check....
tetsing 1 2 3

Since I took this photo I've repainted the NCO with KAR puttees


Anonymous said...

Looks great Scott, thank you for sharing.

Are you using dip?


Scott Pasha said...

Not dip but basically the same level of sloppiness (sp?).

I use about three different methods for painting figures. For the KAR figs (and some other similar uniforms) I can't find the shade of Khaki I prefer "out of the bottle" so I sprayed with an Army Painter can of paint and then used GW Gryphon Sepia as a wash to get the tone I wanted. On a few figs it looks good (usually when I brush again with a dry brush to pick up the excess) on most it looks sloppy. The bases look terrible. but that's because I haven't done anything to them & the NCO is on a working base not his real base.

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott,

Thanks, I use the GW Gryphon Sepia too an afterwards I go back over with drybrush and then pin point highlights.

I could se they were working in progress miniatures and the photos you took looks very good.

Thanks for the reply,