Sunday, June 27, 2010

New project (tiny)

Months ago I primed a section of Battle Honors WWI East Africa "British Askaris" (read KAR in pillbox hats) and painted 3 figs. They have since languished, gathering dust. Until now. This weekend I started to paint the rest of the section and I tested (successfully) a base treatment (red earth, stones and green static grass as per Tanzania).

Now between two of us at our club we have nearly enough figs to play a WWI in Africa game but I had intended to paint a "platoon" of King's African Rifles (because I think they're cool). I have some BH figs and some more Brigade figs. I think we will be focusing on 1915 so no lewis guns or Armored Cars (big cheer from the players). Now I just need to paint these figs (while continuing my ACW project) and get an African village bought and painted.

I'll post pics when I'm done (so some months from now)....

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Anonymous said...

Hi Scott,

I look forward ins eeing your painted Askaris when you have completed them.