Sunday, June 13, 2010

I do game... sometimes

Just to show you I do play occasionally here's a little phone-photo of a General de Brigade game I played in this weekend at the club. It was a Peninsular War battle between Brits & Allies (mostly Portugese and KGL) on the one side and French & Friends (Poles, which I commanded one whole Brigade of) on the other. Classic meeting engagement. My little Polish Bde. was on the French Left and I merely tried to delay the British Right which was a little less than twice as numerous as I was. I guess I succeeded at my task though it seemed a close run thing, standing firm in the face of sustained British Musketry and Artillery fire was hard to do . I took lots of casualties but managed to obey my orders and stave off a Brigade morale failure.

Meanwhile the real blood was spilled in the center, where the Portugese attempted a head on assault of a very large French Battery, and on the French right where a seemingly endless series of Cavalry Charges and Counter-Charges and Pursuits were resolved.

The game was resolved by means of a point system after 6 hours or so with a marginal French Victory.

Probably about 1100-1200 figs on the table (I think there were 6 Brigades per side, most infantry Brigades averaging right near 100 figures). None of the figures were mine, shown in the pic to above are Mike's Brits (Hinchcliffe & Connoiseur) facing Jim's Poles (unknown manufacturer, maybe Old Glory). The shot is from the Poles last stand on a hill to the rear of the stream that they were initially defending.
Quite fun.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Scott for the report and photos. A very interesting game.


Scott Pasha said...

Interesting game, not so interesting report (I'm afraid).