Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I just started reading this book and I love it! Re-released by Leonaur Press, it was written F. James, by an officer in the Indian Cavalry about his participation in the East Persian Cordon, the campaigns by Dyer in Sarhad (in Eastern Persia) and later about his involvement in the Back -of -Beyond-esque British intervention in Trans-Caspian Russia. Very readable so far, very evocative of the dry, desparate spaces just West of Afghanistan... it reminds me that even for straight-up colonial style Brits vs. Natives warfare you need not leave the Great War. When combined with Operations in Persia 1914- 1919 by Moberly one can develop games using a wide variety of forces including all kinds of Indian Army units, Caucasian Cossacks, Turks, German advisors, Bolsheviks, Baluchi natives, Arab natives, British Regulars, etc.

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