Sunday, July 27, 2008

Next Project?

Well, I'm getting to the point where I've got all the (unpainted) miniatures I needed to run the WWI in Palestine games. What next? There is talk of a 1914 project at the club, my Indian Army figures will do double duty but probably I'll paint some French and some Huns. I still have plenty of Maori Wars figures to paint and I'd like to run this again using the Iron Ivan F & IW rules. BUT I've been thinking a lot about dove-tailing into Mazz's (sp?) Pacwar project and doing a small Kokoda Trail project with Aussies and natives mixing it up against the Japs... what do you think? Swore I'd never do another jungle game again ....


Tank Girl said...

Hi Scott,

You may want to look at this book from the Japanese side:
Japanese Army Operations in the South Pacific Area
Translator - Steve Bullard

New Britain and Papua campaigns, 1942-43. The first published translation of sections of the 'War history series' (Senshi sosho), the official history of Japanese involvement in the Second World War. The text covers the invasion of Rabaul in January 1942, the battles along the Kokoda Trail and at Milne Bay, and the destruction of the Japanese forces at Buna, Gona and Giruwa in January 1943. Soft cover, 260 pages.

Go to the Austrlain War Memorial(AWM) bookshop and under the AWM publications you can buy this book.

It's a great book and worthy of attention.

Scott Pasha said...

Thanks Helen,
You're always a great help!

Tank Girl said...

Hi Scott,
Please checkout this link to certain questions I requested any info on:

The book I mentioned is also available as a PDF and you can see the link on the above hyperlink.

I'm in research mode at the moment for certain folks on US raiders and Paras in the Solomons and New Guinea.