Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Possible future Maori Game

Osprey is right on the cusp of releasing the book pictured to the right. This, plus the fact that my local clubs theme for the year is dusting of games that haven't been run for awhile, has motivated me to consider running Maori Wars again. I probably won't use Brother Against Brother since card driven games don't work well at our club . I'll either use Iron Ivan's This Very Ground or... something else... maybe Patrols in the Sudan (I like RFCM rule sets, though I don't have this one yet.) Maybe even Jim's Old West rules, since the period I run could definitely be run at a low level skirmish scale. Anyway, it's going to be a ways off so we'll see...
A great Period and hopefully this book will stimulate interest.


Anonymous said...

Hi Scott, you could try Sword in the flame rules!

Yes I'd be very interested to see this book, as I do have a small love for the period.

Anyhow, it was just a thought.


Scott Pasha said...

I started Colonial gaming with TSATF and then played with Brother Against Brother and a set of my own house rules that were a variant of TSATF, BAB and Crossfire(!). I like TSATF but, as I said, Cad driven games don't go over well at my club. I do have the Maori War TSATF material, if you're interested I could e-mail you my huge and mostly unused Maori Wars BAB variant... or go to the Maori Wars Yahoo group, let me know. Now that I've got Patrols in the Sudan it looks ideal for the late wars period (1865+) that I have painted up.
your humble servant,