Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Painted Figures from August and September

If you ever doubt the slowness of my painting, this is proof. What I painted in August and September, of course the bases aren't done:

A Battle Honors KAR officer & a Battle Honors British NCO painted as a South African

Another view of the KAR officer and the first two BH "British Askaris" which means KAR in pill-box hats

The Backs of my BH Arabs and a stand of Brigade Games Arabs, my daughter is helping you to notice these figs

My BH Arabs, blurry, with some BG Arabs. The Arab leader with the sword is a figure converted by Helen and painted by me.

A unit of the new Artizan / Brigade Games Arab Revolt Irregulars

A Lewis gun team of Arab irregulars

Now I'm working on Sharifian Regulars and Irregular Cavalry. I'll propbably do a solo game on the 17th.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Scott,

Lovely to see your Arabs painted and the continuation of your KAR and British units.