Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yet another update...

1. Currently I'm painting another regiment of Union ACW Infantry. I've finished 2 of 5 stands including the command stand. Trying to get this unit done by March 13th which seems unlikely.

2. We have tentatively scheduled a WWI in the Middle-East game for late April. This means I will probably return, briefly, to painting WWI figs once I finish this ACW unit. Probably I will run either Iraq 1916 or Arab Revolt 1917. Any minute now the Woodbine Design Company should be releasing new Brits or Indians that will work for me... so I'll need those. They've got new heads that are perfect now just for the bodies in shorts.

3. I feel overwhelmed by the number of unpainted figs I have even though by most peoples standards it's not a lot. Makes me feel bad about ordering any more lead, even though I have definitely cut back. Right now game activity consists of 80% reading, 15% painting, 5% playing. Not ideal.

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