Sunday, March 7, 2010

Progress and plans

1. Regiment 3 finished:
I had an extra 8 hours to myself this weekend and so I actually finished my third regiment of US Volunteer Infantry. The figures painted were a mixed bag of Renegade figs that are not compatible with each other in terms of uniforms or poses (half are in shell jackets and are advancing with bayonets forward, the other half are at-ease in Sack Coats). They are also not compatible with the other figs in the regt. (which are smaller Crusader figs in Frock Coats, right shoulder shift). Why this disjunct? Well 5 years ago I painted about 24 Renegade figs in the at-ease pose. I then started a smaller batch of figs (6 figs) which were all advancing or loading percussion caps. These were about 80% complete when I left off. Since time seemed to be at a premium( and I needed to get these figs done by March 13th) I finished those figs and fully painted the rest of my primed Renegade figures.
2. Plans:
Since there's a WWI game scheduled for late April I think I'll finish my Sikh 2.75" gun & crew and try to complete one section of Sikhs and some more Arabs. We'll see if it happens that way...

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