Sunday, May 23, 2010

progress... of a sort

(photo is from Crusader Miniatures website)
I have finished another stand (= 2 coys.) of Union Frock Coat Crusader figs and started the last stand of Sash & Saber Union gun crews for my battery. My goal was to finish one 4 regiment infantry brigade (80 figs) plus one 3 stand battery with a selection of guns (currently I've 2 20 lb. Parrotts painted and 3 3" rifles unassembled). Technically speaking I've finished 3 regiments plus 4 figs, but really that's with one regiment of mixed manufacturers (Renegade & Crusader) & mixed poses (at ease & marching with right shoulder shift). I don't want this so I will finish the last two regiments as manufacturer & pose specific which adds up to about 16 figs to go.

On top of that I just received a regiment's worth of Perry Confederate's in Frock Coats. I was a little disappointed with them, but I think that was because everyone speaks of Perry sculpts as THE Standard. A little more flash than I like (and these days I expect basically none) and the bayonets are a little more delicate than I care for (a la Woodbine). My CSA brigade will probably be 4 regiments strong made up of a mix of 16 fig and 20 fig regiments plus a 2 stand battery. Currently I plan on using mostly Crusader figs. The big problem will be how to paint them. It's amazing how accustomed we've all become to the all butternut, all hat wearing armies to the point where I'm afraid that if I paint a regiment in early war regulation uniforms or late war Cadet Grey they will look "inaccurate". Also, as with WWI and WWII German uniforms, the various Confederate greys are a little difficult to find "straight out of the bottle". I think I have a couple of colors that will work (Vallejo Stone Grey, P3 Cygnar Blue Highlight). More boring details later.

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James said...

Coming at uniforms, as I do, from a Napoleonic perspective I too prefer early war full dress Confederates. Curiously, I have read conflicting opinions on just how high the the butternut v. gray ratio really was, especially in the East. "Wargame convention wisdom" has the Rebs dressed as a horde of individuals in wide ranges of colors when the reality may be that they were a bit more uniform than we have been led to believe.

When I get around to painting more Confederates they will be in gray uniforms.