Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm a Wargamer...

A piece from the original COH game set. How beeyootiful!
In the new expansion they have replaced the pictures of minis
with counter illustrations, but they still look really good 

Sorry that it's been so long since I posted, but it's been a busy month, and not in  a good way.

My ACW painting is proceeding well. about halfway done with my Cape Fear Cadets. Haven't actually played a minis game in almost 2 months but I have played a few solo boardgames, namely the classic Frank Chadwick game A House Divided and the much newer but unbelievably great Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear.
As long time readers will remember I bought COH:AtB in December of 2008 but until this autumn it remained (inexplicably) unplayed. Now I realize what a mistake that was!  This is the (board wargame) system of my dreams. I knew that but somehow convinced myself that it was too complex... wrong again!

I would urge you to go out... right now... and buy one of the COH games if you have any interest in WWII tactical combat. It's not my main period of interest but I have always had a soft spot for WWII tactical games since my days in the early 90s of playing Up Front, Panzer Leader and Squad Leader. This new game is much improved in my humble opinion. Played solo it is positively elegant in play,  quick and thrilling. I'm sure as a two, three or four player game it is even more so. There is a new expansion coming out called Price of Honour which is set in Poland in the 1939 Blitzkrieg. I've pre-ordered it and hope to see it near the end of next week.
More soon.


Beccas said...

I'm holding out for the Normandy expansion rumoured to be next on the release list. CoH does look like a great game.

CPBelt said...

Yep, a fun game. I got it last Xmas for my son. We've played it a few times since. I've also played it solo. It gets better as you add on rules.

I bought Crossfire a couple years ago but have yet to play it! Funny how things sit on our shelves.

Scott Pasha said...

My understanding is Normandy will be out right after Guadalcanal (which ostensibly [sp?] will be out near the end of 2010)
As to Crossfire... get that thing off the shelf! I really think playing with one Company per side plus a vehicle on one side is about the best level of play in that game. This means you really just need around 40 figs per side to have a great game... and it plays well in any scale on any sized table (though I think smaller is better in the case of Crossfire... a dinner table covered with Bocage or ruins for example)...
Thanks for the comments..

Beccas said...

That's good news. Guadalcanal would make a great CoH game.