Monday, November 22, 2010

New Woodbine Indians, coming soon?

Indian Bombers.

 After seeing a post on Lead Adventure Forum by the incomparable Plynkes I checked out the Gripping Beast Headlines page. Apparently Woodbine Designs has three new packs of Indian WWI Infantry on the way. Here are the pics they had, lifted w/o permission.

Indian Command / NCOs?
Very exciting and yet another example of how Soapy's the man. If you're planning a WWI project support this guy. And since these are the figs I've been needing for years, some of my $$$ will be crossing the Atlantic as soon as they release these.

Indian Hotchkiss LMG teams. AMAZING!


Beccas said...

Soapy is the man. Very good work.

AngryCoffeeMan said...

Nice looking figures!I have the Pasha, and this Soapy :), to blame for my new interest in WWI!

Anonymous said...

Nice work Scott. I can't believe my eyes. Hotchkiss machine guns at long last.

Long live Soapy!