Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The AAA essentials

That is Arabs, Armoured Cars and Aircraft. These are some of the things that take an apparently routine game and give it flavor.

Arabs They give us color and camels and a wily opponent who can play on either side of the fence. Arabs in Mesopotamia both aided the British and fought against them all the way through the war. They were also notorious for preying on weakened units and stragglers of either side. I know that in the Basra vilayet in 1915 there were tribe against tribe actions and I would suppose that this continued throughout the war. In Muscat in 1915 local tribes rose against Indian Army troops that had been stationed to aid the local Sultan. In 1915 and 1916 a largish campaign was waged in North Africa against the Sennusi who had "risen" in support of the Turks and "invaded" Egypt. In 1916 the ALH, Yeomanry and Camel Corps are constantly engaged in small scale skirmishes against Bedouin in the Sinai and southern Palestine. And of course there was that Arab Revolt thing...
Arab miniatures are currently available from Battle Honors and Artizan / Brigade Games. Hopefully Woodbine Design might kick some in eventually.

Armoured Cars One of the two vital elements of 20th century small wars. Of course there were the Light Armoured Motor Batteries (LAMBs) in Mesopotamia, the Light Car Patrols (LCPs) in Egypt and Palestine, and Rolls Royce AC support of the Northern Arab Army in the Hejaz and Syria. The picture to the right is a post war photo of a Rolls Royce in action in Iraq.
Company B provides Model T, Rolls Royce and Crossley (post-war) models.

Aircraft The second half of the old one-two punch against insurrectionists and, well... Arabs! In Mesopotamia (1914-1918) the primary role of allied aircraft was aerial reconnaissance and artillery spotting but during the 1920 rising aircraft were heavily involved in a Ground Attack role as well. In Palestine there was an active air between the Ottoman and British aircraft all the way through the end of 1918, though after mid year of 1918 air control was effectively in the hands of the Brits. In WWI the Brits mostly used Be 2c, Bristol F2b and Se 5 aircraft with some Martinsydes and larger bombers thrown in as well. After the war the DH 9a came to dominate (see picture, below DH 9 aircraft in Iraq).


Anonymous said...

Nice round up of the spice available to a ME WWI game!
Do you have any idea of the Germnan/Turkish aircraft models available?

Scott Pasha said...

Roden Models makes almost all of the aircraft used in this theater in 1:48. That being said, I'm no modeler and my sole aircraft (currently) is a Corgi Se-5 which will stand in for all British Air attacks. As for the the type of aircraft available to the Ottoman airforces, I don't have that info in front of me but what I can remember and find on the internet is: Albatros C-III, D-III and D-Va; Halberstadt D-II, Rumpler E1, Fokker E-III monoplane, and some sort of Pfalz. This is all for Palestine, I'm not sure about Mesopotamia.