Sunday, June 28, 2009

On the Painting Table

I just finished a 4 man Battle Honors Indian Mountain Gun team this weekend. An amazing thing since they were finished in around 24 hours, which for me is an unbelievable speed, probably never to be repeated. I got a new camera for Bapu's Day so expect more and better pictures in the future, but not quite yet. These figures go with a 3.7" gun that BH provide with both spoked wheels and tires (since the gun was in use through WWII). Using a newer, faster technique, which will never win any competitions but still gets the figures on the table. The only difference is that I'm essentially using spray paint and a wash as the primary uniform color.
The gun in the photo is a 2.5" RML mountain gun which according to Wiki was only in use in the Nyasaland campaign during WWI. I have bought these from Old Glory to stand in for the 10 pounders that were very common until the 2.75" guns were phased in. Unfortunately no one (that I know of) makes a 10 pounder, so my choices are an anachronistic 2.5" gun (almost completely phased out by 1914) or an anachronistic 2.75" gun (not common at all until 1917), or the 3.7" gun (not in use until 1918, and then mostly in East Africa.)

Also being painted are my continuing BH Arabs on foot. I need to finish my Sikhs (1 section of Infantry, a mountain gun team and an MG team still waiting.)

I have great hopes that soon I will be adding some "used" painted figures to the collection and thus relieve myself of some of the worry. I have two conflicting goals: First, to build up about 4 Platoons worth of figures for each side for use in Price of Glory games at the club. Second I would like to be able to field at least 1000 point armies for each side for Square Bashing games since I have a strange love for that system.

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