Thursday, July 2, 2009

Great War in Africa

It looks like we may be headed towards some Great War in East Africa games in the (not so near) future. This theater is not (currently) my main interest, but I have read several books on the subject and it seems very "game-able". Since it looks as though one of my opponents may be acquiring a pre-painted force of Schutztruppe Askaris I've been looking at what figures I have that we could use in a game. I have been using Chris Peers' Africa and Middle East army lists for Contemptible Little Armies to determine suitability. It looks as though I can reuse many of my Darkest Africa figures which I used years ago for a couple of Maji Maji Uprising games.

Here is what I have painted (and now mostly re-based) that can be used in East Africa:

2 sections German SeeBattalion marines (Pulp Figures)
1 Maxim team of German SeeBattalion marines (Pulp Figures)
2 units mixed Ruga-Ruga and irregular Askaris (Foundry)
1 unit Ngoni warriors (Copplestone)

1 full Platoon British Regulars, with or without Lewis Guns (mix of Copplestone and Brigade)
2 Vickers MG teams (Regulars) (Copplestone)
1 3-section Platoon Sikhs (mix of Copplestone and Brigade)
1 section Gurkhas (Copplestone) (apparently there were some at Tanga in the Kashmir Rifles Battalion)
1 Vickers MG team (Sikh) (Copplestone)
1 3.7" Mountain Gun (Punjabi) (Battle Honors)
1 unit Indian Lancers (ancient Minifigs)
2 Rolls Royce AC

We'll see what happens. I would assume we will use P-o-G, though as usual I will be thinking about how I can use these figures in Square Bashing and PitS.

The image is lifted from a great site on German Colonial Uniforms that everyone should see.

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