Sunday, August 9, 2009

More trivia (painting, rules, etc.)

I spent the weekend painting up those Battle Honors Arabs on Foot (4 of them) plus a Brigade Arab leader. (I noticed that OldGlory15s now has photos of the Battle Honors WWI figs on their website.)

Mostly, though I put sand and stuff on the bases on some of the many of my WWI figs that have plain bases. All in preparation for my big (read 3 foot by 5 foot) solo game of later this week. I'd like to do a Mesopotamia Insurrection 1920 game using Crossfire or Price of Glory, but I only own three building models and I only have one unit of painted Arabs! (That just wouldn't do.)

Still haven't settled on rules to use. They have to work with small forces on a small table. Crossfire will probably do, with some mods.

More later

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Scott Pasha said...

Whoops! Oh well... Austrians? Germans? Whose to know... (except me, darn it...)
Mostly I've just been dying to game Mesopotamia, but with other games I haven't had enough Turks to do it...
Expect to hear more about Balad when I do my 1920 insurrection game someday!