Sunday, December 20, 2009

ACW is what I'm doing

So I've been slogging away at some Crusader "Rank & File" ACW figs and will continue to do so until I can't stand the sight of Blue...
These figs are really well done. They are true 28mm and maybe a bit on the slim side (which I like). Currently this range is very much unfinished and all packs are essentially variations on the the right shoulder shift pose.
I am choosing to not shadow or highlight any parts of the figures except for the fleshy bits since I do not want to mess up the shades of Blue I am using.(tangentially I had to return to Testors to get the right shade of Blue for my Frock Coats, though I may try some of the Foundry Napoleonic colors).

I have been reading the excellent book Decision in the West which is about the North Georgia and Atlanta campaign. For whatever reason I have read much more about the Western campaigns than the Eastern (in particular Bragg's invasion of Kentucky through Atlanta) and it looks like that will probably continue. Problem is (and it's not really a problem) our 28mm ACW armies at the club are based more around 1862-1863 Eastern forces. Actual gaming Effect? None. Especially since we are using "generic" regiments of 20 figs. I am going to base three bases (command stand + 4 coys of infantry) on a 4 figs per stand system and then base the other 4 coys on half stands so they can be deployed as skirmishers.

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Atom Kid said...

The new Crusader minis are great! Just some absolutely great poses and variations.

For paints, I've been going with Howard Hues.