Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Update: Early January 2010

Almost there with my Regiment of Hardee Hat wearin' Union boys. Painted the command stand over the New Years Holiday which leaves one stand of Infantry left to do. The flags we ordered at the club were all "back-ordered" so I guess when I finish painting the unit I'll post a photo sans-banners.

Just received the U.S. Army War College guide to the Atlanta Campaign (Rocky Face Ridge to Kenesaw) yesterday. It will supplement my reading of Decision in the West (though I'm just finishing the Kenesaw Mountain part so...) I have read the Chickamauga guide before and have the Shiloh Guide. Very interesting because the text is all orders and dispatches written during the battles by commanders from Army to Brigade level.

I am very excited about two forthcoming Boardgame releases from Victory Point Games: the Trenches of Valor expansion, which will include a new map, new scenarios as well as leaders and new support units. Also they are developing a miniatures-style boardgame called the Tattered Flags (Regimental scale, Wheatfield at Gettysburg) which I can't wait for.

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Tank Girl said...

Hi Scott,

Will look forward in seeing your unit of hardee hats.