Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shiny Holds the Line, 1862-- Sort of a game report

Rules: Guns at Gettysburg

: American Civil War

: 1:20 / regimental

Figures: 28mm various (Dixon, Perry, Sash & Saber, Foundry, Lots of Old Glory 2d edition) my figs were Crusader (all the right shoulder shift poses) and Renegade (all the at-ease poses)

: minor encounter before the battle of Chancellorsville, US defending

: Jim (GM) CSA left , GaryUSA left C&C, Mike CSA right C&C, Scott Pasha USA right

Most of the Union figures pictured are mine (dark blue coats), as usual the bases aren't done. My photos are extra flash washed out; some how I forgot everything I know about photographing miniatures this game.

At the top is the famous "Shiny" O'Malley. You recognize him as a Renegade ACW figure. I painted him 5 years ago (or so) and he is Extra-Shiny and "unsubtle" in his painting style. I'm thinking of painting a new figure as Shiny.

The pictures below are not intended (for the most part) to show the game but merely to show what I've been painting.

scroll down to see more photos

On April 10 Jim ran another Guns at Gettysburg game. Luckily I was able to get away and participate. As is usual I brought “Shiny’s Brigade” with me who represented one of the two Brigades I commanded. There were 4 Union Brigades in total, but my command was set-up in a thin line to take the initial brunt of the rebel advance.

Both sides had approximately similar numbers of total regiments (15 US/ 16 CSA if I remember correctly.) But the Rebs were trying to gain control of the road and US reinforcements were uncertain (one of Gary’s brigades [plus the one and only US battery] advanced onto the table in turn one, the other had a [10% x turn number] chance of arrival each turn.) As it turned out these last reinforcements did not arrive until nearly game’s end.

Photos to the right show Shiny's Bde. at set-up (from the right flank.

The CSA forces before Shiny initially seemed to be deployed in Brigade Column but quickly redeployed several regiments as skirmishers. To make a long story short, we both advanced

skirmish screens against each other and much of the action, particularly on the right wing, consisted of sharp skirmishing between those regiments. Jim’s skirmishers whittled away at both my skirmishers and at the Ohio Light Artillery Battery which I took control of in the second turn. For my part, I concentrated on reducing Jim's skirmishers in a similar manner.

In the mean time Mike (who I was not facing and thus have only a vague notion of what he did) moved around the Union Left and set up an artillery enfilade against forces I had in a small farm on. Gary moved his Brigade up and engaged Mike, while my regiment that had been holding the left flank was forced to retreat and did not rally until game's end.

Eventually Jim's skirmishers succeeded in scoring a double six on my battery (which had already taken two hits) inflicting another 3 hits (2 for the sixes and a bonus hit for the double). My boys failed their Morale check and skeedaddled, in Rout, for the rear they stopped (literally) at the table's edge. They actually rallied from this precarious situation but had not moved fast enough to return to the battle line at game's end.

Shiny shouts orders

This game did not have nearly as many double six results, though both Jim and I had our respective batteries go “Low Ammo” for several turns each. I also think that there wasn't a single charge in the entire game which probably explains why the Union was the winner when the end came.

A View of the line of battle

This regiment moved back in column and then refused the right of my battle line (see the picture below it). They were in a brief firefight at the end of the game.


Anonymous said...

Great work Scott, just love the uniforms for this period.

Thanks for sharing your story and photos.



James said...

Your description of the battle is pretty much spot on! I see now that the only way for my Southerners to break your lines is to paint up more CSA regiments! It was another enjoyable outing and I look forward to the next time...

Scott Pasha said...

Thanks again Jim for running another G-a-G game. As you know, at first I thought it was going to be a tough thing for us, esp. with the reinforcement situation. In the end, though, it seems that it would have been much harder for you guys to meet your victory objectives before games end.