Sunday, April 4, 2010

Update 04042010

Just a little note:

1. Painting: I've been painting. Of course my "plans" have been for nought, I've only painted two Battle Honors Arabs and worked on a Brigade Games Sikh Mountain Gun crew. I have also finished a Sash & Saber Union artillery team and 20 pound Parrott rifle.

2. Gaming: I bought (and played one solo game) a new card-based wargame called Frontline: D-Day. Really liked it, but I knew I would as I used to play (20 years ago) Avalon Hill's Up Front fairly regularly. This new game is a simpler more streamlined game with more modern mechanics that allow more Fire & Movement tactics. I will be running a game on the 24th and, as of this moment, am leaning towards doing a variant on the last game.

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