Thursday, September 2, 2010

Advance the Flag (Rules)

Chris Peers 2009 ACW rules (available from Brigade Games)
I just received Chris Peers big battle ACW rules Advance the Flag in the mail today. I thought they would be a variant on his Ever-Victorious Armies which I've had since 2002, but never played. It's not, and so may not be usable for it's intended purpose (solo games at home). I'm still reading the rules but one thing I really liked was the close combat resolution system which may be as simple as three rolls, while still seeming to have good, thematic, flavor. Essentially the attacker rolls to move into close combat (based on morale class) then rolls again with next roll being heavily modified by many attacker and defender factors (the usual: morale class, formation, cover, etc.). The second roll then is read against a results table. I'll reprint one result to give you an example:

3 or less: The defenders stand firm and fire a devastating volley into the attackers faces. The attackers receive two disorder markers and fall back 2d6 inches, still facing the enemy. A friendly Corps or Division commander within 2 inches of any part of the retreating unit must dice. A score of 1 on a d6 means he is killed or captured.

That's what I like. All resolved quickly and appropriately, and often decisively. Think of the time saved in many Horse and Musket games if "melee" was resolved that simply. I can't see why it isn't? I, personally have no more desire to roll for each step of close combat than I do to keep track of ammo in skirmish games.

It reminds me of what I've done in our Price of Glory games. I completely ditched Iron Ivan's method of resolving fire against armored vehicles and replaced it with the Tables used in Chris Peers' WWI skirmish rules (To the Last Man). 

I'll let you know what I think about the rest of the book, once I finish reading it.

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Hi Scott,

The example you have provided sounds great an I look forward in hearing further examples of this rule set.

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