Friday, August 27, 2010

The NEW Shiny O'Malley

The new Shiny O'Malley. Figure from Sash & Saber. Not the greatest sculpt ever but it suits the man himself
I still haven't sprayed varnish on due to the high humidity, but soon he'll have a nice shine 
I actually painted eyes. His nose has been given a little "redness". His uniform is a mixture of regulation and non-regulation items, well suited to a Brigade commander who leads on foot. 
Model 1850 foot officer's sword. A respectable paunch and a gloriously white beard.


Anonymous said...

Nicely painted Scott. Love the miniature an I like your attitude to the genre.

Looking forward in seeing more.



Scott Pasha said...

Thank you. Becoming a little less chess-like and a little more RPG-esque helps make it more fun for me. Luckily yhe other guys either tolerate it well or actively engage in Shiny's myth-making

PS good work on all your IJA stuff


James said...

Nicely done! I really like the painting and I look forward to trading musketry with his brigade in the near future. Your addition of a little "back history" can only serve to make painting and gaming with Shiny and his lads so much more enjoyable. It is time to begin working Shiny into the scenario set up so you too can experience the "joys" of having an ongoing character lurking in your army.

Scott Pasha said...

Yeah. I hope Shiny is luckier than Crappe´is, though! Shiny did read Crappe´s "On zee Art of War" though; I think he learned a lot. (Just do the opposite of whatever Crappe´would do). Har Har