Sunday, June 27, 2010

New project (tiny)

Months ago I primed a section of Battle Honors WWI East Africa "British Askaris" (read KAR in pillbox hats) and painted 3 figs. They have since languished, gathering dust. Until now. This weekend I started to paint the rest of the section and I tested (successfully) a base treatment (red earth, stones and green static grass as per Tanzania).

Now between two of us at our club we have nearly enough figs to play a WWI in Africa game but I had intended to paint a "platoon" of King's African Rifles (because I think they're cool). I have some BH figs and some more Brigade figs. I think we will be focusing on 1915 so no lewis guns or Armored Cars (big cheer from the players). Now I just need to paint these figs (while continuing my ACW project) and get an African village bought and painted.

I'll post pics when I'm done (so some months from now)....

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I do game... sometimes

Just to show you I do play occasionally here's a little phone-photo of a General de Brigade game I played in this weekend at the club. It was a Peninsular War battle between Brits & Allies (mostly Portugese and KGL) on the one side and French & Friends (Poles, which I commanded one whole Brigade of) on the other. Classic meeting engagement. My little Polish Bde. was on the French Left and I merely tried to delay the British Right which was a little less than twice as numerous as I was. I guess I succeeded at my task though it seemed a close run thing, standing firm in the face of sustained British Musketry and Artillery fire was hard to do . I took lots of casualties but managed to obey my orders and stave off a Brigade morale failure.

Meanwhile the real blood was spilled in the center, where the Portugese attempted a head on assault of a very large French Battery, and on the French right where a seemingly endless series of Cavalry Charges and Counter-Charges and Pursuits were resolved.

The game was resolved by means of a point system after 6 hours or so with a marginal French Victory.

Probably about 1100-1200 figs on the table (I think there were 6 Brigades per side, most infantry Brigades averaging right near 100 figures). None of the figures were mine, shown in the pic to above are Mike's Brits (Hinchcliffe & Connoiseur) facing Jim's Poles (unknown manufacturer, maybe Old Glory). The shot is from the Poles last stand on a hill to the rear of the stream that they were initially defending.
Quite fun.