Monday, February 7, 2011

More Conflict of Heroes news

Word has been going around the Forums that Academy might be working on a Solo CoH project for some time.
This apparently is true. Called Before the Rhine it is apparently being designed by  John Butterfield who designed a game called Ambush back in the 80s

A year ago Uwe wrote:
The first game will focus on battles on the German western frontier in late 1944 --"Before the Rhine". We will concentrate the firefights on battles such as Operation Market-Garden, Battle of The Bulge, Metz, and/or Hurtgen Forest.

Before the Rhine will be based on the CoH system. Each firefight will sport its own map and can be played solo either from the Allied or Axis side, with a two player option (but this is only an option, since the game is a solo gaming system). We tentatively plan on supplying 6 double sided maps with the game.
 This week he wrote again:
Oh yes, very much so. We are play testing the first firefights and they are incredible. I think that we will be able to also back design the previous games with this system. I am checking on some unique options, which I cannot disclose at this time. If they are not cost prohibitive, I will announce them.
 Sounds exciting.

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AngryCoffeeMan said...

WAAAAHHH? I played the HELL out of AMBUSH!!! I loved it!!!