Wednesday, February 2, 2011


From Chris Ware's ACME Novelty Library (#16) I think (used w/o permission)

Lately I've been lapsing into my semi-annual fruitless RPG nostalgia. Reread MAR Barkers first two (and only readable) Tekumel novels Man of Gold and Flamesong. Also investigating the phenomenon of Retro-Clone and Nostalgia  old school RPGs. Curious. Unfortunately it all seems to revolve around a worship of OD&D or Basic D&D, which I did like better than AD&D. But I was into other systems, namely TFT: In the Labyrinth, Basic Roleplaying: Worlds of Wonder: Magic World, Runequest II and EPT.

Mostly I'm waiting for CoH: Guadalcanal to come out. It certainly looks to be even better than I hoped. There's also talk of  a late War Eastern Front expansion pack which will be interesting especially since it will add Partisan counters..

I played in a quick Napoleonics game last weekend and had a lot of fun. For me Napoleonics are weird in that I like to play games in that era, look at the figs, etc. but I don't read hardly anything about it. I'm this way with Western Front WWII also, love to game it, not to read about it. See Napoleon's HQ blog for a brief account of this game. I was defending the town that the rogue French commander attacked.

Been reading Bergerud's Touched with Fire again (slowly), along with John J. Miller's Guadalcanal: the First Offensive. The Bergerud book is one of my all time top History books (see sidebar). Also indulging in my love of old school adventure comics (such as Joe Kubert's Tarzan and Enemy Ace, Hal Foster's Prince Valiant plus newer loves such as Love & Rockets and Xenozoic Tales.  

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AngryCoffeeMan said...

Semi-annual fruitless RPG nostalgia?

And Enemy Ace - love Enemy Ace!