Monday, August 4, 2008

Dulcote Disaster!

Be warned, at the very bottom of the Testors Dulcote instructions it says "Avoid using in very high humidity". Now I know why... I sprayed my Turkish Cavalry with this wonderful matte spray in our Sub-Tropical Summer air and boom! a fine white film is now covering my figures! Yikes! I've mostly saved them... but that's a hard price to pay, ruining several weeks work in a few minutes.


James said...

Often times a second coat of sealant will rid you of the white haze. It happened to some of my British Paras and a second shot helped a lot!


Scott Pasha said...

Jim's suggestion worked like a charm. I waited 'til the humidity was about 50%, then zapped them with another coat of Dulcote. The white film disappeared like magic! Who would've thunk it? Thanks Jim.