Monday, August 18, 2008

A Game (from May 2008)

Here are some (bad) photos from a small game we (me, Mazz, Todd & Mike) played in May. This was a last minute affair that pitted a platoon of British Regulars, a platoon of mixed Indian Infantry and a Rolls Royce AC against about half that number of Turks and Asienkorps who were coming to the aid of an isoltated Turkish field piece. We used the Price of Glory rules.

Essentially the scenario was Brits cross the open while the Turks set up defensive positions along a wall.The Brits had little choice but to charge head long at their foe.

The first action was a duel between the AC and the Turkish gun. This ended when the Asienkorps scored a couple of critical hits against the car and killing all the crewmen inside. This is the second game where this has happened and I think it's unrealistic.

The Regulars advanced in an orderly fashion against their German opposites while the Indians attempted some fire & movement, dodging in and out of the "dips & folds" laying down fire with a lewis gun. This culminated in an attempt by some Gurkhas to charge a Turkish section who were operating from a shell hole. Big mistake. The Turks, with lots of supporting units to draw on, slaughtered the Gurkhas whose support was all "just out of range".

The turning point had come, and the rest of the Indian/ANZAC platoon was whittled away by fire from the Turkish defenders. I called the game just as Mike and Todd were coming to blows. But there was no chance of the British forces dislodging the enemy.

What can I say. Should've used a pre-made scenario of some sort. Oh well...
Also, in P-O-G Shellholes are much like theor real life counter parts. If you're defending get into them, even if other cover is available.

figures shown are: Battle Honors Turkish Cavalry, Battle Honors WWII Punjabi Infantry, Copplestone Turkish INfantry and a Matchboc Rolls Royce AC.

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