Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend Reading...

I took my son to get vaccinated on Friday and, needless to say, barely left the house after that. Cranky ain't the word for it. During naps I put in a little bit of time reading some selections from my favorite books on WWI, the Official Histories (in this case Military Operations in Mesopotamia, vol. I and the Epilogue to Military Operations in Egypt and Palestine, Vol. II part 2). First I realized that there, in the afore-mentioned epilogue, all along, were the answers to some of the questions I've had regarding the application of "Western Front" tactics and advances to the Middle-East. I suggest you read the epilogue entitled Infantry Tactics if you get a chance. Nothing radical but enough to help me in regards to scenario design.

I also read the account of the Battle of Shaiba ( in 1915. Stirring. I think this may be my "favorite" battle thus far and is inspiring me to take a slightly different tack in my painting. I just bought some old painted minifigs Indian Lancers ad I'll be adding some more, either Brigade games or Castaway Arts (prob'ly both). But... the Budhoo are on the table and you should be seeing some painted Bedouin on the page in the near future.
I'll be reading more Mesopotamian stuff, for sure.

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