Friday, November 21, 2008

Arab Revolt(s) Perfect Storm

I guess I got the bug. I swore I wouldn't run Lawrence of Arabia games; I've had Brigade & Battle Honors Bedouin figures sitting around for awhile, but I always intended to use them as Turkish allies (Shaiba 1915, Arabistan 1915, Ctesiphon 1915, Sinai 1915-1916). Now with the Artizan/Brigade Games Arab Revolt range coming out and Osprey's Arab Revolt title being released I just had to read up on Lawrence's adventures. So I pulled out Setting The Desert on Fire by James Barr and have been glued to it. Almost all the figures I have will work with this sideshow and it'll give me an excuse to paint up more Gurkhas. The second problem is that I have been reading this paper from the Strategic Studies Institute about the Iraqi revolt of 1920 ( and it's fascinating. Isolated outposts maintained by Air resupply, flying columns escorting trains through the desert, desperate ambushes... all the stuff of good gaming. So I'll be painting more Bedouins.

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