Sunday, November 16, 2008


(An image lifted from the book Through Palestine with the 20th Machine Gun Squadron

The Bedouin cavalry that I had mentioned in previous posts have been sitting primed but unpainted; now they are finally under way. Five of the 11 are done and three more are in various stages of "getting dressed". They are Battle Honors figures which are sculpted as Arab Revolt figures, but initially I will be using them mostly as Ottoman allies. There are two packs available an Arabs on horses pack and an Arabs on Camels pack ( The horse-monted Arabs have four figures per pack with four variant figures on several horse variants. The camel riders are all the same, but there seem to be three camel variants. I am aiming for one large P-O-G unit which will probably quickly evaporate under fire. I have two units of dismounted Brigade Games Bedouin to paint, but it seems unlikely they will be done by the game Jim & I will (hopefuly) be running on Dec. 13th, so their place will be filled by Jim's Tuareg / Berbers. Hopefully I will have a picture or two to upload soon.

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