Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Real Terrain

Here's a real photo (lifted from an Israeli tourism sight) of the Judean Hills outside of Jerusalem. This is the kind of the kind of terrain I'm aiming for in my Palestine Games. As you can see lots and lots of stone fences (in ACW terms), broken ground and hills. The terrain around Gaza and into the Philistine Plains would not be that different, though the relief would be less. Does anyone know of a good source for "ragged" stone walls wargames terrain? We have some at the club, but to fill up a lot of the table will take much more.

The second picture shows the cactus hedges typical around Gaza. I would like to have something to model these but who knows how I would do it. I have treated these in the past as equivalent to 1 string of Barbed wire, providing cover to defenders.

The third photo shows Turkish troops "in action" in the Judean hills.

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