Monday, December 22, 2008


Worcestershire Yeomanry, Palestine 1916

Here are my priorities for painting:
  1. Finish my Sikh force. I've got two sections of infantry, a mountain gun section and a Vickers to paint (about 28 figures, some of which are in progress).
  2. Western Front support weapons for the Germans (Mg 08/15, captured Lewis guns) (about 6 figures).
  3. Start my Yeomanry (above) which will be represented using Battle Honors South African Horse (16 mounted, 16 dismounted).
  4. Harlem Hellfighters (16)
  5. More Arabs, much more (I've got about 34 to paint)
  6. More Turkish infantry (I've got more Woodbine and Copplestone infantry 30-40)
  7. Asienkorps (a Maximum, a Field Gun and two sections of infantry)
  8. Indian Cavalry (1 section)

So at my painting speeds that's about... oh say 6 months or more... and more figures are being released every day...

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