Thursday, December 11, 2008

Special Rules for Saturdays Game

  1. Strafing attacks may only take place against targets in the open, rough or on the roofs of buildings. Units on hills, in orchards, fortifications or Wadis are not eligible for attack (since they are not considered visible from the plane.)
  2. The attack is on a straight line from one table edge to another, at any angle.
  3. Any eligible target unit that is under the flight path of the strafing plane will be fired on by a Lewis Gun.
  4. Hits are only scored on a roll of “1”. Targets receive no Cover modifiers.
  5. Arab units that are strafed take an extra –1 to the MM of the attack (for a cumulative –3).
“Bombers” / Grenadiers
  1. Any Bomber figure will receive a +1 Marksmanship on all Grenade attacks.
  2. All Bomber figures are considered to be armed with a rifle even if the actual model is not so armed.
Light Patrol Car
  1. The Model T moves 30” It may only move in the open, in Rough or on roads.
  2. If the LC has a dash-mounted Lewis gun, that gun may fire in the front 180° angle of the model. A pintel-mounted LMG has a 360° field of fire
  1. For purposes of this game all Arab units move the same (as cavalry) if the units are shown with a mix of mounted and foot figures.
  2. Such mixed units will melee as infantry.
  3. If you would like to create an Arab Cavalry unit then spend one action combining mounted figures from any units that are within a cavalry move of the figure who will become the leader. All foot units then move as foot units and cavalry at the cavalry rates.
  4. All Arab units will Disband instead of Rout on the third Suppression marker.
  5. Arab snipers (there may be up to three) operate independently as per all Sniper rules
  1. Orchards count as -2 cover with 6” visibility into the terrain. Blocks LOS through the terrain.
  2. Hills are impassable except to snipers
  3. All figures are considered to be on the roof of village buildings, but receive full cover benefits of the building.
  4. The Wadi gives -3 cover to infantry in it and -2 to cavalry.
  5. The Wadi may not be crossed by any wheeled vehicle

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