Sunday, January 18, 2009

2009 to do list....

I'll follow Jim's (Napoleon's HQ) example and set my "gaming goals" for the year.
  1. Play at least one actual game every 6 weeks. Hard to do with two tots running about, but one must try. I'd like to be able to RUN a game at least twice a year (if not more).
  2. Get enough Western Front WWI figures painted to actually help Jim in his forthcoming April WWI game. Right now there are LMG teams in the super-glue/ pre-primer stage; these will be painted next after I finish the 4 Sikhs I'm finishing up now.
  3. Stay ON TASK! I've been at this WWI thing for about 18 months non-stop and I'm beginning to get somewhere. My biggest enemy is drifting interest and rules geekishness (a desire to try out interesting rule-sets). Luckily I've got lots of reading material to keep me focused. Biggest potential distraction currently: North Africa WWII. But why would I go there.
  4. Reduce spending on lead. More accurately buy with the project in mind. There should be lots of good stuff coming out from Woodbine and Artizan/ Brigade so I should try not to drift off into... other things... so NO (more) impulse purchases of unpainted Minifigs Indian Mutiny figures, 10 mm Pendraken WWI or Conquest Seminole War figures!
  5. Paint the lead I have. (See earlier posting). I've got at least 75% more figures for each side. That's really enough to last me through the year, if I let it.
  6. Buy terrain & scenics. This is where my money should really go, since it actually goes on the table instead of sitting in a box in a cabinet. Money spent here translates directly into better gaming.
So there, for what it's worth. You can call me on it when I stray from the path.

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