Sunday, January 4, 2009

Conflict of Heroes
I bought this board game around X-Mas as a kind of gift to myself. It seems to be everything I have wished for in a tactical WWII wargame and more. I got Tide of Iron, but did not like it: I did not like the little plastic miniatures of ToI nor the clumsy removal of pieces from a stand to track casualties. I also found Tides of Iron's set-up and playing time to be longer than I hoped for in a "streamlined" game. Why not use counters? If you use big hexes (and the hexes on ToI boards are huge) and big counters then you remove one of the main annoyances of earlier Avalon Hill games: teetering stacks of counters on tiny hexes. Also gone from CoH are the leader and weapons counters of the Squad Leader games, almost unnecessary except to the OCD gamer. blah blah, you can read much better critiques on Board game geek. (
Though unplayed as of yet it looks like a really good game. And the counters are illustrated with photos of nicely painted minis!


Uwe said...

Happy New Year!! As for the Soviets losing in games 1 and 2 - stay away from those pesky MG34s!! :)

Scott Pasha said...

Clearly this comment was for some other guy. But thanks for noticing Uwe, good work. Keep it coming.

Uwe said...

LOL, it is my roboform that must have written over what I had posted. Sorry about that. (Really, I am not still hung over from New Years!) I really enjoy reading your posts.