Thursday, January 22, 2009

Aircraft Rules for Price of Glory ala Chalfant Pasha

I have lifted these rules suggestions from a response Chalfant recently posted on the Iron Ivan Yahoo Group (I have reformatted them for this Blog):
It's been asked before for WWI aircraft, really I should just put together something for it. I have tried to decide how to make WWI aircraft a little different..... the following would be a WWI synopsis, somewhat modified from the WWII....
  • Basically, the WWI plane comes on the board, makes an attack, then exits before the start of every turn (or how many turns you nominate, or every other turn, whatever works for the scenario).
  • On-board, the plane moves in a straight line and may attack any unit along that line, but only using each weapon group once. All MGs are a single group, bombs would be another group. Figure RoF 2 for each MG (yes, they should be 3 or 4, but this is how they work for aircraft).
  • Now then, the MGs have an ACC 4, and are modified by cover as normal. Bombs are ACC 3, except they are not affected by the cover modifier of buildings.... if you hit you instead have to penetrate the roof.
  • Target must save vs [Courage] as normal with -2 for every MG fired, -1 per casualty.... the MM of the class of bomb (Light, Medium, Heavy....) that is used. Figure light bombs for most WWI aircraft 50 lbs (25 kg or so)... maybe Medium bombs 100 lbs (50kg or so).
  • Pins also activate the target unit into the following turn.
  • However, ground units can shoot at the aircraft. Any unpinned unit may try to shoot the plane as it passes, it must be in LOS. It is activated (which counts into the following turn!) by trying to shoot the plane regardless of whether or not they hit it. Only units with at least 4 rifles, or 1 MG are allowed to try this. If you have artillery that you think was deployed in the AA role (most were not) they you may also fire this.
  • You need 1's to hit... the unit of riflemen get a single d10, the MG would get a single d10, and the artillery would get a single d10, it is not for every model or for the RoF of the weapons.
  • If the plane is hit once, it may make no further attacks and must exit the board never to return. If hit twice or more, it is destroyed. If hit by artillery it is considered destroyed automatically
  • If hit by rifle fire, the plane gets a saving throw vs the attack, on a 5 or less it ignores the hit. If hit by MG fire, on a 4 or less it ignores the hit. It may not attempt a save from an artillery hit.
  • On a standard board, a destroyed plane will crash off board.
  • Effectively for our purposes, the only differences from one plane to another are the number of MGs and what/how many/if bombs are carried.
  • Once you use planes once, it becomes pretty clear how they work, they are very simple to employ. Just keep track of the bombs dropped, and how many turns you allow them to operate. Assume MGs have enough ammo for the entire game.
I might tweak this concept later on, but should work for you for now."

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Chris said...

I just came across your blog and really like it. You have done some nice work. I am doing almost the same thing but in 15mm with FOW1918 rules. I have just started my Turks (it will be the next post) and then will start an Arab Irregular Amry.


Scott Pasha said...

I have to say, I admire your work in 15mm. When starting this project I seriously considered doing it in 20mm because there are so many vehicles available in 1:72 (Reverisco, etc.)and every kind of figure needed has already been made (IT, Tumbling Dice, B&B). To me aircraft are a necessity, even if they just add color. Cause "color"'s the name of the game isn't it? Anyhow, numerous reports in Mesopotamia and Palestine have enemy aircraft strafing or bombing British troops.