Thursday, May 28, 2009

Circassians in Arabia (Local Color, part 1)

In a recent comment on Chris' Itty Bitty Battlefields blog I suggested that he might add some Circassian Cavalry to his Ottoman troops to add more "color". After thinking this over I thought I'd back this up a little more. The photos on this page are from French Lebanon in the interwar period (above bottom, lifted from Wikipedia), and from a meeting of Bedouin and Circassian leaders with T.E. Lawrence (above top, date unknown, lifted from a NY Sun Blog). I think they clearly demonstrate that you can use, without any modification, the Caucasian Cossack figures available from both Copplestone Castings (below) and Old Glory to represent the Circassian cavalry that the Ottomans used in both Palestine and the Hejaz. My plan is to eventually paint a small unit of these and include them in my "Ottoman Cavalry" Squadron (which will sometimes be joined by an allied Arab Cavalry force).

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