Sunday, May 31, 2009

How did you get into wargaming?

When I was 10, soon after reading Tolkien through the first time, I saw a Metagaming ad in one of my dad's Analog magazines. I scraped together some cash and sent off for the game Melee. I got the edition shown at right and my like minded friends and I began to play. Believe me, I got more than alittle hell about that anatomically correct gargoyle when I took the game to school! After that there followed an exposure to RPGs (TFT, Empire of the Petal Throne, MSPE, Runequest 2 ed.), Avalon Hill wargames (Panzer Blitz, Squad Leader) and some Miniatures Wargaming (I watched some games of Pas de Charge, Empire II). Later in life (meaning post high-school) it becomes much more complicated...

So, let me know, if you'd like, in the comments what got you started in gaming, I'm curious to know!


Atom Kid said...

For me, it was Cry Havoc! I blogged about it here.
It was such a fun and easy game. Then I got into Squad Leader, D&D, Battletech, Champions, and Traveller. Now gaming is few and far between, but I still every once in a while get together with my regular gaming buddies.

AngryCoffeeMan said...

LOL @ "caught more than a little hell"

I think for me it was one of the Dungeon Dwellers sets "Caverns of Doom"