Sunday, May 3, 2009


What am I doing currently? Not much:

a. Painting very-very slowly the following: BH Mounted Bedouins (primed or just finished) and foot Arabs (cleaned and based for priming), Copplestone Sikhs (half way painted), Two mountain guns (painted and based) and their crews (BG & BH, respectively, primed and based), 1 Ottoman Arab officer (BattleHonors) (Mostly painted and Based).
b. Remounting older figs for the newer systems I will be using or am using now: All my Maori War figures, All my Zulu War figures (not a priority), some Renegade ACW infantry for Guns at Gettysburg.
c. Getting ready to paint some Crusader ACW Infantry (in their boxes). The priority of this project will depend on how soon we will play G-a-G again vs. when I will run WWI again.
d. Finished Setting the Desert On Fire and sort of fishing through all my other books for something else to fill the Colonial/WWI reading slot (as opposed to the fiction or comics slots, cuurently filled by Eric Ambler and B.P.R.D. respectively).

Any how, I also participated in the first half of an enjoyable Hobkirks Hill AWI game two weeks back put on by Jeff at the club.

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