Thursday, February 3, 2011

Official US WWII histories online

I just randomly stubled across the Hyperwar site yesterday. It seems that they have all of the official US Army histories of WWII online including illustrations and (most importantly) maps.
This is a truly remarkable find. I've read all of Two of these volumes (Cartwheel and Victory in Papua) and much of another (Approach to the Philippines), am reading one now (Guadalcanal) and own two others (Fall of the Philippines, and Seizure of the Marshalls and Gilberts) but some of the editions I had did not include the Map inserts.
I include this link for your reading pleasure:
Hyperwar: US Army in WWII


Donogh said...

It's a great resource alright - used them as the starting point for all my Pacific games

Scott Pasha said...

Yeah, I'm probably very late to the game in finding this. Hopefully someone will find it useful.