Thursday, March 19, 2009

Korda brothers Colonial Movies alert!

This is essentially a repost with the dates adjusted:

sent me another a reminder that Drums ,the classic 1938 Colonial adventure film, will be showing at 8 pm tonight, Feb. 19. This movie is a little bit like Wee Willie Winkie but with Sabu instead of Shirley Temple. Action against a evil usurper in a fictional Northwest Frontier principate. Set (nebulously) in the thirties so you get to see the Indian Army in the inter-war field uniform. If you like colonial epics, you'll like this one.
You will see (if I remember correctly) a 3.7" QF Pack gun in action and a Pathan Sword dance! Filmed in the (now Taleban infested) Chitral valley.

ALSO the version of the Jungle Book starring Sabu is on at 10 pm and the excellent, 1939 verison of the Four Feathers is on at 12am.

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