Sunday, March 1, 2009

Newish Book

Gallipoli and the Middle East 1914-1918 (The History of World War I)

Gallipoli and the Middle East 1914-1918 (The History of World War I)

Edward J. Erickson

I just got this book the other day (here at work). It's a general history of the various Ottoman theaters (Gallipoli, Caucasus, Mesopotamia, Palestine, Hejaz) by one of the experts in the field. I have read his Ottoman Army Effectiveness and seen him interviewed in the Blood and Oil film and given those examples I think this would be a good jumping off point for those new to this "front". The book has a lot of emphasis on Gallipoli but seems to cover the other fronts very well and the photos are great and very useful. Now, I haven't read it yet but it seems worth picking up. Only available in Britain, it seems, from Amber Press, I found it listed on Amazon UK.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Scott,

The price looks okay, but I wonder how much is new information that is not covered by Erickson already?

Thanks again for the news,


Scott Pasha said...

For you, or me, probably not much new. I post it mostly for those who occasionally visit this Blog who are just starting out with this stuff. Also it may be interesting to read a general history written by someone with such a good understanding of the Ottoman military.I'll let you know when I read it (since I actually know very little about Gallipoli.)

James said...

I have the book you show as well as 3 companions from the series. I have only flipped through a few pages. I hope to get a general overview of the operations in the Middle East so this may be a good starter book.