Sunday, March 22, 2009

Now I am One !

I just realized that this blog is now one!

I've played a grand total of 5 games using my some of my WWI figures (1 solo, 1 Colonials) in that time. I've played in maybe 3 (maybe 4) other club games (ACW, Old West, 1814 Napoleonics).

I hope, in time, to get back to reliably participating in or running one club game a month. I am thankful that there is a place, and a group of guys, where I can indulge in this hobby.

The two photos show (on the top) the Kainga from my one and only Maori Wars game back in 3/2007 and (at left) a view of the table from last summer's Guns at Gettysburg game.

Also my camera broke!


Tank Girl said...

Congrats on being one year old :-)

What scale was the Maori action?

I've the DVD "Utu" which is just great to use as a guide for a game.



Scott Pasha said...

Everything I currently play is 28mm. The figures are Old Glory & Eureka (the only choices). The table is a huge 8x12 and you are seeing the far left end. MOre pictures in one of my earliest posts (see the Colonials labels). Utu is great, and I need to watch the more recent River Queen film.