Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Prayers" Are Answered

Soapy has posted pictures of some new "greens" he's produced for WDC/Gripping Beast on his blog ( He has, in one fell swoop, addressed two of my pet gripes: The lack of Ottoman Arab figures and the Sikh-heavy-ness (sic) of most Indian Army figure offerings. Now, don't get me wrong, you've got to have Sikhs. There were lots of Battalions of Sikhs and Gurkhas in the Indian Army but there were more that looked like the figures above. Soapy had sculpted some good ones for Battle Honors and Copplestone has a really nice pack, but this Swoppet Head solution is the best way to go. The Indian Army made up the majority of fighting men in Persia, Mesopotamia and also in Palestine in 1918. They also were present on the Western Front in 1914/1915 (at which point all the Infantry was shipped back to Asia).
I really need to give this guy some serious praise for doing this whole WWI project exactly the way one would hope for and for not leaving us hanging... My fez is off to you Soapy!
PS If you'd rather I not "lift" your photos, please post a comment and I'll cease and desist.


Chris said...

Those are very nice figures. You could also use the Arab Turks as Arab regulars, minus the German gernades.

Tank Girl said...

Yep, more figures to paint, thanks Scott!

Lon has announced new Arab Revolt command and irregulars on Camels plus Arabs irregulars with lewis guns.

The Indian troops will be great and some more Sikhs to fill in will make my two battalions of Sikhs look very sweet.